Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sephora VIB haul - Divergent palette

That wonderful time of the year when Sephora has 15% off came and went and I felt like I really didn't take advantage of it because truly - there was nothing that appealed to me at all.  It is so sad.  That being said, I still made my way to my closest store and picked up a thing or two, just for kicks !


February Julep Maven

see, told you I was WAY behind !!  I was super intrigued about this collection, mainly because I love cream shadows, they are the easiest thing so when I saw that February's boxes included them, I had to try them out


Saturday, April 5, 2014

ummm another Sephora Haul ?

worst title ever !!!!  Honestly I just don't know what else to name it, as it is in fact, yet another Sephora haul.  It's a little one but boy oh boy, a good one !!! 


Sephora haul - Givenchy & Sephora brand

The only thing I have ever tried from Givenchy is a lipstick, I have never really been drawn to the brand.  Ok, so maybe once when I was watching The Hulk, I totally spotted one product when Liv Tyler dumps out her purse but I have no idea what that was lol I walked into Sephora on a day when the brand was having a day and I got sucked into it


Nails of the day : Essence Nail Polish

Needless to say I am about as behind on posts as I could possibly be.  I suppose another part of my life has taken precedence to makeup at the moment.  Let's see what I got - ok, so I do really like the Esssence nail polishes, they're really cheap - under $3, they have wide brushes which I prefer and some of the colors are really stunning